Southerners and the 2000 Census

As we wind our way through the end of 1999, I see not just the turn of the century, or a new millennium coming, I see opportunity. What I see is not that we can just start anew with this new millennium, but that there is an opportunity to make a bold statement in the year 2000. We can use the opportunity to shout to the world that we are here and we wonít go away or be silenced!

What Iím talking about is the United States census. The law of the land demands that a census be taken every ten years. This census is used for determining congressional districts, population size for federal pork, and demographics on ethnic make-up of our towns, counties, states and country. The census will be taken in the year 2000 and provides a prime opportunity to clearly state who we are as SOUTHERNERS. There is a section on the census forms which asks for information on your ethnic background. People will put down German, Irish, African or something else. I am proposing here what Iíve proposed in other forums, and Iíve always gotten a positive response.

We need to not put down what country we think our ancestors came from to America, but honor our ancestors that carved out a nation here. We should write in our ethnic background as being SOUTHERNERS. I donít care what religion you follow, or what color your skin is, what matters is if you believe in the cause of self determination, limited government and believe that the men and women of the Confederacy were right in defending these values as well as values such as honor, integrity and morality.

Now, you might think that there arenít enough of us to write this down and make a difference. I beg to differ. Think of all the organizations that honor and promote the Southern Cause: Heritage Preservation Association, Confederate Freedom Congress, Confederate Society of America, League of the South, and Sons of Confederate Veterans. These are only a few. There are others, such as the Southern Legal Resource Center and the Confederate Embassy in D.C. (I bet some of yíall didnít even know that one existed). Count the numbers associated with these organizations, then their wives or husbands, and their children and friends, neighbors and relatives they can tell about this idea. The numbers add up to a large segment of our population. Not just in Dixie, but Southerners living outside of Dixie.

I have heard leaders from different Southern organizations saying we need to unite in some umbrella organization to help push our divided efforts forward since the different organizations have a common cause. One way we can do this separate from whatever organization you are currently involved in is by filling out your census form declaring yourself a SOUTHERNER. If you question leaving out your ancestral heritage of being German, Irish, French or whatever, ask yourself this: Do I consider myself French or American? I happen to know that my background is 90% Irish and Scottish, but I consider myself a Southerner first. Therefore, when I get my census forms, rest assured that I shall proudly put down SOUTHERNER for my ethnic background. I believe my great-great-grandfather, of the 1st Mississippi Cavalry, would be proud of me for remembering him and his sacrifices, and my Southern heritage.

The census forms come out in early March 2000 so we have several months to promote this effort. Working together we could have a considerable percentage of Southerners declare there heritage on the 2000 census. Visit our website at If you wish to help this cause, pass the word along. Also consider giving to this cause to help finance the ads we must put out in various magazines and newspapers. If you are so inclined, mail your contributions to:

Southerner 2000
P.O. Box 48615
Watauga, TX 76148

Jeff Adams
July 6, 1999