Donít Come South If You Hate Us, Just Let Us Go

In the last few weeks there are a couple of articles that have come to my attention. Both were written by Northern journalists and both articles were on the South and were actually rather negative. Don Russell of Philadelphia wrote on the Clinton impeachment and trial, while Jimmy Breslin of Newark wrote a piece that just out right attacked the South and her people.

The Don Russell piece pointed out that it was primarily conservative Southerners who were leading the "attack" against Bill Clinton, and how the South was having too much influence on the federal government. Mr. Russell also was concerned with the "Southernization" of the rest of America. He acted as if this was a bad thing, that the rest of America would adopt Southern values and Southern ways.

In his article, Jimmy Breslin was out right attacking the South. Mr. Breslin said he didnít trust anyone south of Newark and believed that his taxes went South to "promote lousiness." He also bashed Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, saying that the only reason the people of South Carolina kept re-electing Senator Thurmond was to lower the national IQ. Mr. Breslin made it very clear that Southerners have nothing, in his opinion, to add to the national debate on issues, or anything to add to the country at all. I guess he would rather we just be nice, quite serfs serving the U.S. kingdom in silence.

These two articles confirm what Iíve been saying for years. Northerners have always looked down on Southerners in my life time and only want us as long as it serves their purposes. Heaven forbid, in the Northern mind, that we should think for ourselves and desire to have a say in what goes on in our personal, public or political lives. Well, if the South is having a major influence on the U.S. as a whole, it is the one thing that will save this country and I say, "More power to the South." I guess if we Southerners get too powerful, the North will invade again and knock us down to where they want us to stay. In some ways, they are doing this already. In our bigger Southern cities we have a major influx of Yankees, trying to change the culture and personality of our beloved Southland.

If the South is such an ignorant, backwards place, why is it Yankees keep moving here? If these arrogant, elitist Northerners think Southerners are so worthless, why do they work so hard to force us to live as they want us to and think those of us who want to secede again are so wrong in our thinking. Why do they want us to stay in the union if they think so little of us? There is only one reason, the money isnít flowing South, it is flowing North to Washington D.C., and the Yankees are using our money to pay off their political hacks and consolidate their power for powerís sake.

With so much animosity between Northern and Southern people, differences in culture and values, I donít see how the North can truly believe in Dixie staying a part of the Unites States except for the fact they are hypocrites. The U.S. government has advocated the independence of the Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Kosovo (part of Yugoslavia); historically they have helped Panama gain its independence from Columbia, and the U.S. was the first country to recognize Irelandís independence from the United Kingdom. If the U.S. was truly wanting world peace and was a true advocate of self government and self determination, they would admit there are problems and allow Dixie to chart her own course.

This wonít happen because the U.S. government is an empire building creature that will not let anyone go. If we are to gain our independence, we will have to use such political force as to create a juggernaut that will demand recognition by other nations that will help us force the U.S. to recognize our right to independence. We canít sit back and hope one day that the Yankees will finally realize what they have been doing. They already know, they just donít care.

Jeff Adams
February 16, 1999