Ethnic/Cultural Cleansing more advanced in U.S. than other Countries

The recent events in Richmond demonstrate how "advanced" the U.S. political structure is when it comes to the concepts of ethnic and cultural cleansing. For those of you who arenít familiar with the insulting travesty that recently took place in Richmond, I will provide a brief synopsis.

The Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation had prepared a Floodwall gallery to be opened near the new Canal Walk in Richmond. The idea was that there would be portraits of 29 Virginians of historical significance there for visitors to view. This list included famous Americans of the past, black and white. However, apparently one man, a member of the Richmond city council, was opposed to only General Leeís picture being up on the wall and demanded the picture come down. The Foundation couldnít remove it fast enough.

An overwhelming public outcry against taking down the picture ensued, yet the city councilman, who happens to be black, was unrepentant of his actions. One black man has overridden the feelings of the significant majority, black and white, that believe Robert E. Leeís picture should be included on this wall of historical Virginians.

The overreaction of the Richmond Historic Riverfront Foundation is a classic example of being excessively sensitive to political correctness. The political atmosphere is such in America that people jump too quickly to show their concern and sensitivity for everybodyís feelings. Concern for everybody but Southerners that is. The politically correct are wiping away the history of the South. Everything except for that little bit some wish to keep just for the sake of needing something to despise. This is the ultimate goal of the U.S. version of Ethnic Cleansing. Total cultural annihilation of the Southern people.

The United States government has spent months bombing the Serbian people to "punish" them for ethnic cleansing efforts in Kosovo. Why arenít they dropping bombs on Richmond for the pathetic attempt to wipe out Southerners? Granted, the attack against Southerners isnít being done with tanks and guns, but the results will be the same if it is allowed to continue. Driving Southerners to the fringe of society, denying them the right to celebrate and acknowledge their heritage. Isnít this what the Civil Rights movement of the 1960ís was all about, allowing EVERYONE to share EQUALLY in the rights provided by the constitution?

No, guns arenít used to wipe out the Southern people. It is an attempt to shame us into submission, shaming us into denying who and what we are until there is no one left who will say, "I am a Southerner." All that will be left if this continues will be people who say, "I live in the South." Hardly the same as being from the South. The shame isnít on Southerners, it is on the Richmond City government if they allow this to stand. The shame is on the Riverfront Foundation if they fold so easily. The shame is on the U.S. government for continuing a 140-year assault on the people of the South!

How interesting that a black man, who has been duly elected to public office and has his own law firm is the one to do this. He has achieved the American dream of having the freedom to be what he wants to be. Now he uses his power to deny others what is rightfully theirs. The very thing I am willing to bet he shouted in outrage against back in the 1960ís. And the government that should be looking out for all the people does nothing to protect what is in truth, the majority.

Jeff Adams
June 4, 1999