Faith Carries You Through Tough Times

Most people are going to hit bumps in the road of life from time to time. Most endeavors have hiccups along the way. As long as people are involved in the process, since we are flawed beings, there are going to be slips and trips along the path of any effort whether it is the pursuit of a particular cause, business goals or personal relationships.

Dealing with challenges whether they are with work, family or other things can be very trying. Faith can see you through the hard times. The question you have to ask is what do you have faith in? Do you believe in what you are pursuing? If so, do you have faith that you are able to achieve the goal?

The kind of faith that helps get through the really tough times is faith in God. Once you have passed through the dark period, the sun shines brighter than it ever did before. My father used to say that seeing the hard things in life through were character building experiences. Iíve noticed that most of the time good things usually come after a period of great struggle or despair. The ultimate example of this is Godís loss of His only Son. From this loss came the opportunity for us to have eternal salvation.

Southerners tend to have stronger faith than other Americans do. I believe this comes from the fact that Southerners have a stronger history of having to depend on their faith more than the rest of the United States. Faith in the dream of preserving the ideas of the Constitution is what drove our ancestors to establish a new country. Faith in the rightness of their cause gave them the strength to fight for four long years against all odds and almost succeed in maintaining their independence.

From this incredible loss can come incredible good. While the loss has given Southerners 140 years of abuse at the hands of the victors, it has also made us stronger and burned the reality of who we are into our minds like no other American can imagine. Do you have faith in the "Lost Cause?" The burning flame of the dream to see Dixie free again, living the idea the writers of the Constitution established should stir every Southernerís heart.

Look at the condition America is in today. The United States is headed down a negative road that leads only to destruction. From within this deplorable condition, we should hold to the dream of our Confederate fathers: To see each state in control of their own destiny, establishing how they choose to live with all the states supporting one another in common defense of their individual sovereign rights. Unflinching faith in a dream like that can bring about the kind of change that will give rebirth to Southern independence. Faith in a dream like this can help keep despair from crushing us, and help us make it through the night into a new dawn. The dawn of a beautiful era of Southern nationhood.

Jeff Adams
June 17, 1999