I recently received an e-mail that was a compilation of articles depicting a series of events taking place across the South. In North Carolina, there appears to be an effort to eradicate the old term of "Tar Heel" from the state. Somehow, this term is found to be racist, although how I don't know. In South Carolina, there are new demands to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from its position near the Confederate memorial statue on the capital grounds in Columbia. This was the originally proposed position for the flag that the NAACP endorsed. Now they want it down from there.

In Florida, Governor Jeb Bush has quietly removed the Confederate flag from the historical display by that state's capital. To deflect objections, he has also removed all flags of all the nations that have claimed Florida. In Mississippi, there is the upcoming vote on changing the state's flag and removing the battle flag from the canton section. In Texas, a state representative has recommended the removal of statues of Confederate heroes from the campus of the University of Texas at Austin. Even as this bill meets resistance, the legislator is attempting to expand the bill to cover removing all Confederate monuments and markers across all of Texas.

All of these actions are either initiated or strongly endorsed by the NAACP. In fact, the NAACP has made it their primary goal to eradicate any symbol or remnant of the Confederacy. The tide of political correctness is making this a rather easy thing for them to do. A 1991 NAACP resolution clearly states the thinking of this race-based hate group. In this resolution, the NAACP calls the Confederate Battle flag "an odious blight upon the universe," and "the ugly symbol of idiotic white supremacy racism and denigration." Hardly the kind of words you would expect from an organization claiming to seek equality and tolerance.

This ten-year effort has met with considerable success. Not only are state flags being changed and memorial battle flags being removed, but schools are having new names bestowed on them, bridges and roads are being renamed, removing the original names of Southern heroes and replacing them with names of black civil rights activists. It isn't just the battle flag; it is every vestige of our Southern heritage that is being attacked. Not just Confederate-era notables, but also Washington, Jefferson and other great Southern leaders.

A year ago, a member of the Texas Heritage Coalition told me that they were an acquaintance of the local NAACP leader in their south Texas town. During a conversation on what should be done with the memorial plaques of the Texas Supreme Court, this individual asked the NAACP leader when would he think he had achieved enough "changes." The black gentleman said, "Never. Once we are done with the Confederacy, we are going after the Alamo." He actually wanted to tear down the Alamo because he declared it a racist symbol! When asked, why, the response was that some of the men who fought for Texas independence had owned slaves, therefore any and all history associated with it needed to be wiped out.

In other words, anyone or anything that is associated in any way with anything deemed racist, according to the NAACP, needs to be done away with. Once all symbols, all monuments and all historical sites are destroyed, and our history books are sufficiently rewritten, what then? Will we all be happy? What if the mere presence of a white person makes a black person feel uncomfortable because in our history a few whites owned black slaves? Do we eradicate white people? Where does it end? The actions of this organization are something that only Hitler or Stalin could admire.

The previous paragraph may sound absurd to some, but what sounds outrageous today, can sound normal 10 years from now. When I was growing up in Georgia, no one talked about the Georgia flag and no one mentioned any feelings one way or the other. In fact, it wasn't until 1986 when the NAACP was facing declining memberships and shrinking budgets that they discovered a new "demon" in the symbolism of the battle flag and other Confederate monuments. As a boy, I hardly gave our state flag a thought. It just was. I hate to admit it, but I would have been hard pressed to identify it we were so oblivious to anything remarkable about it. I never heard a word, positive or negative, about our state flag back then.

The fact is, the NAACP has gone from being the premier civil rights organization in America to being the premier hate group of America. If you doubt this, lets exchange a few words in that 1991 resolution of theirs and see how it sounds:

"WHEREAS, the tyrannical evil symbolized by the 'civil rights' marches of the 1960's is an abhorrence to all Americans and decent people of this country, and indeed, the world and is an odious blight upon the universe…"

How about this:

"WHEREAS, Southern-Americans, had no voice, no consultation, no concurrence, no commonality, not in fact nor in philosophy, in the vile conception of the new Georgia Flag containing the ugly symbol of idiotic American Imperialism, racism and denigration; and,

WHEREAS, we adamantly reject the notion that Southern-Americans should accept this flag for any stretch of imagination or approve its presence…"

If any organization were to release such statements, they would be denounced as a bigoted hate group full of extremists bent on destroying other racial groups. They would come under intensive media scrutiny and possibly be investigated by the FBI. However, since the NAACP is part of the politically correct crowd, they can get away with such outrageous, venomous statements. Their tactics are currently very political with limited violence. Their hate is growing stronger as they get bolder with every victory. How long until open violence starts happening? Will the America of the early 21st century be the America of the early 20th century, but with the roles reversed? Will Southerners be silenced through fear and intimidation? Will we lose our Constitutional rights, with the courts, governments and law enforcement agencies willing accomplices?

What hurts just as much, to me, is that our fellow non-white Southerners will be dupes in this act of tyranny. Many don't realize that Northern blacks in a similar fashion despise Southern blacks as Northern whites despise Southern whites. In helping our liberal oppressors, our fellow Southerners are sealing their own fate as slaves of the Imperial North.

Just as the KKK once was considered a reputable organization to belong to back in the 1920s and 30s, and even one that was politically beneficial to be associated with, the NAACP is in that position today. However, they are headed in the direction of the KKK. The leadership is second-rate; they speak in terms that are bigoted and hate-filled. Their primary weapons are fear and intimidation. The only difference is they don't wear sheets and hide their faces. Maybe that is even scarier, as they fear no reprisals for their actions, and therefore have no need to hide their faces. We are coming full circle, except this time, we will be sitting at the back of the bus.

Jeff Adams
13 February 2001