Liberals want it all when it comes to political correctness

There are two recent events that shine a light of truth on the liberal establishment and their followers. While liberals espouse tolerance and say they want unity and "can't we all get along," there are conditions to their statements. The Ku Klux Klan and World Trade Organization (WTO) have found out what happens when you aren't in full compliance with the liberal agenda. Don't get the wrong idea. I am not a fan of the KKK, and I question the motives of the WTO, but they are interesting cases to consider.

The KKK has won the right to participate in Missouri's highway beautification program. However, the signs on the side of the road indicating the section of Interstate 55 in St. Louis the KKK has promised to keep clean are constantly being destroyed. The individuals that repeatedly destroy these signs not only cost taxpayers money to replace them, but show their own bigotry and hatred.

The Missouri KKK has defended their right to participate in the highway cleanup project through the courts. The director of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Robb, says, "Most decent people are concerned about the environment." Several states have found themselves in the interesting position of debating having a highway clean up project at all rather than let the Klan participate. James Buford of the St. Louis Urban League said, "We understand First Amendment rights, but this is wrong. It gives the city and state an image that we tolerate racism. The program has gone too far."

While Thomas Robb's comments appear ludicrous coming from a white supremacist, the comments from James Buford are just as ludicrous coming from a supposed "tolerant" liberal. What is really at stake hear is not environmental concerns, but political correctness in its entirety. In typical liberal fashion, the established liberal authorities can't handle a partial victory. The KKK has become environmentally conscious, but they are politically incorrect on their racial views. Therefore, they are unacceptable stewards of the environment. Liberals appear to want total compliance in all things or they are intolerant of the concerned group. It is an all or nothing deal.

The rioters in Seattle who so opposed the World Trade Organization (WTO) were made up of traditionally liberal organizations (including a surprisingly large number of eco-anarchists). There is an interesting contradiction in this. Why would so many liberal, One-World-Order types be protesting a One-World-Order organization like the WTO? The reason is simple. These liberals like the One-World-Order only as long as it supports their views.

The WTO is promoting free trade. Right now the WTO is very pro-business (big business that is). The liberals see this as an affront to their concerns of enforcing their world-view of environmental concerns and labor laws they wish to see enacted first. In other words, first enforce our desires on the world, then we can all be happy and work together. Let's sing a chorus of "Kumbiyah!" Oh, right, liberals wouldn't like the Christian overtones, strike that.

Cleaning up highways and uniting the world's economy are two wonderful ideas as long as they are carried out by liberals and those supporting the efforts are totally "assimilated" into the politically correct "collective." Buying into only a part of the PC mantra doesn't get you a ticket to the party. Both the KKK and the WTO are finding this out. You aren't going to be allowed a place at the table, or allowed to be represented at all unless you conform to the politically correct views of the day, or you are at least a "respectable conservative."

At least the liberals are consistent. Consistently hypocritical in words and deeds. The rule of law only matters when things go their way, and being a concerned and tolerant individual only matters if your conversion is complete and totally submissive to their will.

Jeff Adams
December 3, 1999