The South vs. the Borg

As anyone knows who has half way watched the various Star Trek TV series over the last eight years or so, there is a certain group of people in that fictitious universe that are known as "The Borg." While I'm not an avid watcher of any of the Star Trek series, I do enjoy them from time to time.

The Borg are a people made up of various races/species from across the universe. Their primary mission is to capture other species and assimilate them and their technology into the "collective" Borg society. In doing this they "improve" those captured by adding computerized parts to them, thus making them part machine and part "human" (cyborgs as it were, thus, I'm assuming, that is how the Borg got their name).

When someone is assimilated into the Borg community, they lose their individuality and become part of the collective, thus mindlessly carrying out their assigned duties. Their minds are all linked so all thoughts are shared and there are no secrets, no separate pursuits, or any thoughts of entrepreneurship. Everyone thinks the same, and sees the world the same. Life is strict, limited, and purely functional in nature. Personal desires and pleasure are out, and functionality and logic are in. They work as assigned for the "good of the collective." Doesn't all this sound a lot like socialism and communism?

While the Borg on TV are fictional beings, there is a Borg that exists in our society that is just as much a real threat to us as the fictional ones are to the heroes of the Star Trek "Federation."

Our real-world Borg consist of liberals within the government, education system, media and liberal activist organizations. Their goal is to bring about an equality of outcome for the masses while they exist above that "common plane." Our liberal/socialist Borgs want us to all think alike and see the world the same way. By controlling the input of stimulus, via public education and the liberal media, they attempt to shape our thoughts so they are identical, uniform in nature and purpose. We would all be one, working toward the "betterment of the masses." However, our real world Borgs hide their intentions with words such as "multiculturalism," "diversity," and other nice phrases. In reality, they want every business, town, city, state, and, literally, the whole world to look identical in its mixture of people and views, designed to specified percentages and categories as they define things.

Failure to be assimilated brings about the same response in this world as the TV Borg give: "You are not one of us and cannot be assimilated, therefore you must be destroyed." The effort to destroy those who resist assimilation is implemented by all the tentacles of the liberal Borg. The government releases the IRS, ATF, and other alphabet goons against you. The educational system rewrites the "facts" so you are in the wrong, and "corrects" the thinking of others who might be tempted to join you in resisting. Activist organizations relentlessly attack you, defaming and slandering you. The media finds your plight not to be newsworthy, but anything you might do that they are able to twist into an attack against you is definitely worthy of reporting.

Our real life liberal Borg use different words than the television version, but say basically the same thing: "You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." Southerners are one of those "species" that the Borg wish to assimilate. They have been trying for decades. Whenever their efforts are resisted too strenuously, they attack with a desire to destroy those who resist.

It is sad to see "Southern Borgs" roaming the streets. Many of you would call them scalawags. They walk around mindlessly, doing the collective's work. Independence of thought and action is gone for them. All that they have is the orders pounded into their minds by their masters of the "elite" that tell them to think like all the other Borg and be functional, serving their limited purpose.

Make no doubt about it. The South is in a fight for survival against a relentless opponent. Resisting assimilation is the only honorable path for true Southerners. This resistance should take the shape of educating those who can be recovered from the Borg masses, fighting for limited and local governing of our lives, and passing on our history and heritage to the next generation.

Resistance is not futile. Futility is the belief that our lives can be bettered by dragging us all down to the lowest common denominator. Liberals may be the Borg, but we need to be "The Terminators of Dixie." And as we all know, Arnold Schwarzenegger can kick any mindless liberal's butt any day of the week.

Jeff Adams
28 December 2000