Why Troops are leaving (and Southerners should leave) the U.S. Military

I once thought of military service as a calling that was second only to the calling of service to God. The result was that I served 10 years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. The change from a defense force to another bureaucratic, politically correct branch of the federal government drove me to leave in mid-career.

The U.S. Armed Forces are failing to meet their recruiting goals and many wonder why. This is not brain surgery. The military has exchanged clear performance-based requirements for quotas, regardless of the consequences. The result is a force that is undermanned and unprepared for war.

The demand by liberals/feminists to put women in combat roles along side of men has been a big factor in the decline of military preparedness. During Desert Storm, the equivalent of a light infantry division of women couldn't deploy with their units or had to return home because they had gotten pregnant or their baby sitters had gone AWOL.

The armed forces are about half the size today that they were in Desert Storm. The Army's recruiting quota for women is going up to 22% this next year, and surveys show that over 50% of women in the military are there to get the benefits, not to fight. Today, with all the single moms that can't ship out with their units and women that cannot perform the physical demands of combat, we have in actuality about one-fourth the personnel strength we would need to fight a war. The liberal experiment to force-feed women into combat units has been a failure and is killing combat readiness.

The warrior ethic needed to have a successful defense force is evaporating and in its stead is a uniformed welfare force that does occasional "world policing" and disaster relief. No wonder a congressional study found that 40% of officers and 62% of enlisted members plan on leaving the military when their commitments are up. The reason most given for leaving is "work circumstances."

The South should look to its own military preparedness. The Southern Military Institute, as proposed by Dr. Michael Guthrie (www.south-mil-inst.org), will be a great asset to developing future Southern leaders (military and civilian) and will help recapture the warrior ethic required of a fighting force. Southern men should look to join their state National Guard units rather than the reserves or active duty forces. Gathering the knowledge and experience required to establish a defense force is imperative, but we need not serve the American Empire directly in obtaining it. Service to your state is preferable.

If Southerners will pull out of the active forces and only serve their states through the National Guard, this will help send a message to the U.S. No longer will Southerners sacrifice their young people for the sake of political goals not benefiting the South. No longer will we die to help boost some politicians poll ratings. We will no longer fight the United State's wars and not share equally in the benefits of citizenship and the protections of our rights as promised in the Constitution.

Jeff Adams
December 3, 1999