Military Service: Working for Leviathan

Many young Southerners dream of doing great things with their lives, like many young people around the world. A large number of these young Southerners see this happening by searching out adventure and service via the U.S. Armed Forces. Indeed, military service is part of the Southern tradition.

However, that service has been primarily directed toward the active defense of our homes and our families. That service has typically come at times when there were what appeared to be direct threats to our safety as a people, whether it be on this continent or in a land across the oceans. Military careers, in the past, seemed to make sense when there were pioneers to protect, or there was a Cold War to be fought. These things are not around to justify military careers today.

In fact, military service today can hardly be justified at all. The massive deployment of our troops overseas is for what? Which foreign empire openly threatens our domestic security? What European power do we fear? Are our troops stationed in Japan, South Korea, South America, the Middle East, and Europe actively fighting to keep a hostile force from invading our land?

The only actions we have to fear are retaliatory actions from those nations we have intimidated or terrorized with our own military forces overseas. The founders made it quite clear that if we would avoid entangling alliances and focus on our relationships with other countries being strictly economic, our people would be able to travel the globe without worry of being molested. As it is, Americans have to be concerned about abductions, terrorist bombings, and general dislike of us simply because of who we are and what our federal government is doing overseas.

While China is hardly a poster child for freedom, would we have anything to worry about from these people if we didn’t posture in such a way as to make them fear us? "Peace through strength" yes, but "peace through intimidation" never!

In this day and age, now is not the time for Southerners to pursue military careers. Now is not the time to even pursue military experience. At least not with the active military, the reserves or the National Guard. Our military has become less of a national defense force and more of a fist for federal intervention overseas. The feds are sticking the nose of the military into so many places, not protecting our national concerns, but enforcing their will on others, that America is seen as an international bully.

To serve in the U.S. Armed Forces today is to ask to be a cog in the great wheel of Leviathan. To pursue military service is to serve the bureaucratic masters of Washington D.C. If anyone thinks service in the military today is an honorable pursuit and they are defending our freedoms, they are grossly naïve. In military service, Southerners have out performed and out served the people of other regions of the United States. In return, what have we received? Our right to celebrate our culture and heritage is denied. Our people are the butt of jokes, and the term "redneck" is derisively used against us as the word "nigger" was once used against blacks. We are attacked for proudly displaying our symbols or openly honoring our ancestors. In brief, we are told to shut up and shoot whomever we are directed to, all at the bidding of Leviathan.

As our federal government becomes more oppressive, the military forces will be brought home. Not to stop the abuses overseas, but to continue them here. If you don’t think the military will be deployed to quiet dissenters at home, you are sadly mistaken. Join your State Guard if you desire military experience, but don’t join the National Guard, where your unit can be nationalized. For those who join the military full of the idealism of duty, honor and country, beware. Before you know it, you will be the fist of Leviathan, smashing your brothers and sisters into compliance for a centralized government that cares nothing for true freedom and liberty, but cares only about compliance.

Jeff Adams
19 July 2001