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Anti-Southern Businesses

These businesses have adopted policies of anti-Southern bigotry and have removed symbols of the South. These businesses are well within their rights to implement these policies. We are well within our rights not to patronise these businesses. We are also well within our rights to ask our friends, relatives, and acquaintances not to patronise these businesses.
Elijah, my six-year old son, said it best the other day when a McDonalds commercial came on T.V., "McDonald's, you don't like Confederates, we don't like you!", and changed the channel.

McDonald's Restaurants - removed the Georgia flag

Checkers Hamburgers - high-profile campaign against Georgia flag

Holiday Inn - removed the Georgia flag. Owned by a British corporation, Bass PLC, Holiday Inn has removed state flags that include Confederate symbols.

The Cracker Barrell Restaurants - bans sale of Confederate flags except for the 'Redneck Handbook', which portrays an obviously ignorant hillbilly with a battle flag on his beat up pick-up truck.

Kangaroo Convenience Stores - removed all Confederate items, calling them 'racist'

Mindspring Internet Services - refused to recognize Confederate Memorial Day or Confederate History month on their calendar because it was of "regional nature", yet they prominently promote Cinco de Mayo - a non-American holiday!


!!! Heritage Violations! !!!

US Army Discriminates Against Southern Soldiers - July 1998
Schoolgirl Punished for Confederate Flag Patch in Concord, NC
Find out more and see what you can do to help fight this attack on our Confederate Heritage!
Homeowner Threatened With Lawsuit for Flying Confederate Flag - June 1998
From the SC chapter of the League of the South
Thanks to Mr. Virgil H. Huston Jr. for allowing us to help spread the word about these outrageous attacks on our Southern Heritage.