C.S.A. Regiments

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Emerald Guard, Company I, 8th Alabama Infantry
In Company I, 8th Alabama, the Emerald Guard, 104 of the 109 men were Irish-born, and the men wore dark green uniforms; their banner was a Confederate battle flag on one side with a full-length figure of George Washington in the center. The reverse was green, with a harp, shamrocks, and the slogans, "Erin-go-bragh" and "Faugh-a-ballagh."

Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 34th Regiment, CSA
An historically-accurate, multiracial Confederate reenactment unit

11th Kentucky Cavalry CSA
Honoring the original Chenault's Cavalry and it's men that fought with valor in defense of the South.

Confederate Buff
This site contains Histories and rosters on the13th NC Inf Battalion, 27th NC Inf Reg. and The 66th NC Inf Regiment.

Hilliard's Legion of Alabama Volunteers C.S.A.
Known simply as "The Legion" by its members, this unit had a short, but honorable service during the War Between the States and was involved in some of the bloodiest fighting in the western theatre.

Shortly after Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops to suppress the "insurrection", Gov. John Letcher called for volunteer regiments, one of which formed was the 57th Regiment Virginia Volunteers.

Waul's Texas Legion-CSA
Waul's Texas Legion consisting of Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry, was organized May 1862 under authority given to Colonel Thomas N. Waul by the Secretary of War on March 6, 1862.

1st Maryland Battery Confederate States Army
Information about the 1st Maryland Battery, assigned to Army of Northern Virginia from its formation in May 1861 until they were paroled at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.

1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A.
The 1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A., sometimes referred to as "Scott's Cavalry Regiment", served with distinction and honor throughout the War Between the States and earned their "right of passage" into American history.

49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History
63rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
A Regimental History

Webmaster's note: The above pages (49th GA - 63rd GA Volunteer Infantry) by Mr John Griffin are the most complete, well researched regimental histories I have yet seen. Whether or not you are interested in these units, these pages are absolutely MUST see.

Third Kentucky Infantry , Company C
The Third Kentucky Infantry , Company C, is dedicated to presenting an authentic impression of a Confederate infantry soldier in the Western Theater during the War Between the States

44th Tennessee Infantry
The 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was first organized at Camp Trousdale, Tennessee, on December 16th, 1861. After the 44th suffered heavy losses at Shiloh, the regiment was consolidated with the 55th (McKoin's) Tennessee Infantry, a regiment which had also suffered heavily at that battle, and the two regiments were then reorganized and designated as the 44th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry.

4th Alabama "Roddey's" Cavalry
Honoring the Gallant Sons of NW Alabama that Served the Confederacy , defended home, family, and native State from invasion.

Colonel Buchel's 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment
The First Texas Cavalry Regiment, also known as the First Texas Mounted Rifles was organized by the merging of the Third and Eighth Cavalry Battalions in May of 1863.

Company I, 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A.

The Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA
A site about one of the premiere regiments in the Army of Northern Va., and Longstreet's I Corps. Contains a brief history, a complete roster, some photos, casualty lists and first-hand accounts. This regiment took over 50% casualties at the Wheatfield, at Ft. Sanders (Knoxville), and at the Wilderness. No history was ever written, and this is my attempt to preserve the record of a tough Rebel unit. - Neal Griffin 9th GA Rebmaster