Fellow Confederates,

The SLRC is in desparate need of our help. The SLRC is on the front lines in the fight for the preservation of our proud Southern Heritage.  Without our assistance this all important organisation will cease to exist and attacks on our Southern Heritage will continue virtually unchecked!

Please support the Southern Legal Resource Center as much as you possibly are able.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the SLRC, the Southern Legal Resource Center is a non-profit legal foundation waging a counter-offensive to preserve Southern Heritage, whose purposes are

To educate citizens of the United States as to their rights under the United States Constitution and its Amendments.

To educate citizens of the United States, particularly those of the Southern states and of "Southern" extraction, on their rights and privileges under their respective state and local governments and jurisprudence systems, especially those rights and privileges involving Southern heritage issues.

To mobilize resources both legal and non-legal in a concerted effort to attack injustice perpetrated on those unknowledgable in the intricacies of the legal process, especially those who advocate or believe in being proud of their Southern heritage.

To stimulate and help provide services, assistance, and other activities which give promise towards equal justice, privileges, and immunities for citizens under the laws of the above states, especially those citizens who are persecuted or discriminated against for being proud of their Southern heritage.

Thank you for your support of these defenders of our cause,
Joseph Cole,
The Confederate Partisan

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The SLRC has been operating full time for over a year now. With a staff of 2- 1/2 employees we are committed to on-going civil rights lawsuits In Texas and Kentucky. The SLRC is acting as a Friend of the Court in a Rutherford Institute case in Kansas. We have promised Katie Knight a lawsuit in North Carolina and are actively working on cases in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama. We are responsible for prosecuting the defamation case of the last Confederate widow. We give advice to scores of students and Southern activists every month.

Even in cases handled by other heritage or legal groups - you will find that we are involved; we are offering assistance. Often behind the scenes, while others get the credit, yet we are still involved - effectively!

We are increasing our affiliate base and now have over 100 attorneys on our list.

We did all this and more last year and only raised $55,000. How did we do this? Easy. We haven't yet paid all our bills and for most of the year we didn't pay our staff.

We cannot continue in this fashion. Either the Southern movement helps us or we die. We are dying now. We have court commitments in Kentucky and Texas, and we have no money. No money! To get more financial ammunition, we will have to drop all our legal work to put out a mailing to the 2500 people on our mailing list. Once we do that, the monetary gruel will dribble in again for awhile and then peter off.

After a month we are back where we started. What is worse, we don't even have the money for the mailing. The staff said in our last mail out that they would give the SLRC one year to get on a firm financial footing or they would have to quit their fulltime work at SLRC and get jobs again in the private sector. We (the staff) cannot afford to put in 60 hour weeks and only receive a fourth of our meagre salaries as our reward.

As Chief Trial Counsel I am supposed to receive $1500.00/ month. Neill as Executive Director is supposed to receive $1500/month. Betty as secretary is supposed to receive $500/month. As you can see, even if we were paid regularly, no one is getting rich at the SLRC. You may think we are crazy for working so hard for such paltry salaries. We are crazy. We are also extremely dedicated to the idea of Southern civil rights.

But everything is going the SLRC's way but the finances. Everyone we talk to thinks the SLRC is a great idea. Most potential heritage violations get pitched to us. We have some great cases and the most deserving clients a lawfirm could ask for. The problem is: No one wants to pay for legal services. Many think we are the free legal service you get for being a Southern activist. Some distrust us, some believe we are their competitor for scarce Southern dollars. Some are praying we fail so they can feel secure about their own lack of activism for the cause. Some treat us as they would a hobby or avocation, giving just enough to get the newsletter or the perks. A small minority are sacrificially giving far beyond their fair share, without complaint and without thought of reward.

We cannot limp along like hobos and expect to be respected by our enemies. Our enemies respect one thing: Power. The attorneys for our heritage need to exude power. If we have to beg money for gasoline to make a needed trip, we are not exuding much power. Our enemies will know that all they have to do to defeat us is outwait us and outspend us. Almost all our opponents are taxpayer supported entities, so they are using our own tax dollars to fight us.

If you are a Southern activist or belong to a heritage organization, paying for legal services is a cost of your doing business! We are not your competitor; we are your ally, your servant, your friend in a world hostile to the Southern people.

Despite the grim picture we paint, we are optimistic here at SLRC. A Southern movement is growing...slowly...still lacking necessary foot-soldiers in many fights...but growing. Under the current dispensation, the SLRC is as good as dead; we might as well start the funeral. If our friends will help us now; if our friends will pledge an amount every month for one year, we can become a permanent legal force for Southern heritage. Those who gloat over our impending demise may be premature.

For us to pay our small staff, catch up on past bills, run the office and maintain a modest travel and war chest, the SLRC needs to receive $150,000 over the next 12 months. What I am asking is for every individual friend of the SLRC to pledge $240.00 to be paid over one year starting in April...that's twenty dollars a month.

For more generous patriots and small Camps or Chapters, I am asking that you commit to donating $50.00 a month to the SLRC, payable over one year or $600 per year.

For larger Camps or Chapters I am asking for a donation of $100 a month to be committed to the SLRC or $1200 per year.

Suggested State or Division donations would be $1000.00 per year. The SLRC has already received several Division donations in 1998...and each has been for a $1000. Suggested National organization donations should be in the $5000 range.

We must start somewhere. It is up to the reform wing of the Southern Heritage movement to keep us alive. No one else will do it. I only ask you to make this sacrifice for ONE YEAR. We will be contacting you personally to ask for your help, so please think about your response.

You can make any excuse you want when we call. We will not use high pressure sales techniques. You can tell us to go to hell, you can say you gave at the office, you can say you can't afford to donate to us. But at least then we will know whether a Southern civil rights organization can survive in the current climate. We cannot continue in the future as we have in the past year. The sooner the money needed for us to fight is pledged, the sooner we can get back to the serious work at hand.

If you have not donated to our work, consider it now. If you have given previously, can you afford to give more to keep the SLRC alive? Can your Camp or Chapter make a monthly donation to keep the SLRC fighting for your rights? If a Camp or Chapter of 25 people pitched in $2.00 per month, the Adjutant could write the SLRC a check for $50.00 per month without dipping into other organization funds. It can be done!

Our Secretary Betty Tate, our Executive Director Neill Payne and I have each pledged to waive a $1000.00 of our salaries to get the ball rolling.

I've said enough. It's sink or swim time folks. I for one am not going to let the SLRC die without one heckuva fight. Your rights, my rights, our children's rights are worth saving...that's what the SLRC is all about.

I am in deep prayer for God's will in this matter. Please keep us in your prayers.

Yours for Confederate Civil Rights,

Kirk D. Lyons
Chief Trial Counsel