Confederate Graphics

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If you don't see what you're looking for here, just e-mail me at, I also make custom graphics. Except for the Anti Klan image all images currently displayed here are 100% original to this site and made by me.

The graphics on this page are free for personal use. However a link back to this site,, is required. Submissions are gladly accepted, just e-mail me at

These graphics may NOT be used on sites containing racist material or on sites which contain links of any kind to sites espousing racist views.

Animated Flags

5 Flags of the Confederacy - available in three sizes
5 Flags - small
small - 69 x 44
med. - 137 x 87
large - 275 x 175

Back by popular demand

med. - 137 x 87
large - 275 x 175


Bonnie Blue
Battle Flag 1
Battle Flag 3

Wallpaper for Windows

Planet Reb (in .zip format)

Icons for Windows

1st Nat'l
3rd Nat'l
Oval Lee
Oval Lee 2


Wanted PosterClick for full size image.