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Southern Nationalists

League of the South
Florida League of the South
Missouri League of the South
Alabama League of the South
South Carolina League of the South
Dixiecaust: Cybrary of the Dixiecaust
The Southern Traditionalist Home Page
The Confederate Society of America

Heritage Defense

Southern Legal Resource Center

Heritage Preservation Association

Preserving Our Heritage

Immortal 600 Memorial Fund - The Immortal 600 Memorial Fund was estabished for the purpose of paying tribute to the Confederate officers who suffered and died in Union captivity at Morris Island, SC and Fort Pulaski, Savannah, Ga. We are currently raising money to pay for a commemorative marker on the unmarked graves of 13 of these brave men, buried at Fort Pulaski. We are working in conjunction with the National Park Service toward this goal. The marker is to be erected Spring 2000. Our site contains the details and a short explanation of who the 600 were.

The Patrick Cleburne Society The Patrick Cleburne Society site contains a mission statement of the organization, a brief history of its subject, Gen. Patrick Ronayne Cleburne, with membership information and an online application. Also a calendar of events is listed. Our society is non-profit and raises funds for battlefield preservation and the promotion and commemoration of Gen. Cleburne's achievements as a soldier and a private citizen.

C.S.A. Regiments

Confederate States, Civil War Regimental Histories Directory

Colonel Buchel's 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment  - The First Texas Cavalry Regiment, also known as the First Texas Mounted Rifles was organized by the merging of the Third and Eighth Cavalry Battalions in May of 1863.

The Ninth Georgia Infantry, CSA  - A site about one of the premiere regiments in the Army of Northern Va., and Longstreet's I Corps. Contains a brief history, a complete roster, some photos, casualty lists and first-hand accounts. This regiment took over 50% casualties at the Wheatfield, at Ft. Sanders (Knoxville), and at the Wilderness.

Emerald Guard, Company I, 8th Alabama Infantry - In Company I, 8th Alabama, the Emerald Guard, 104 of the 109 men were Irish-born, and the men wore dark green uniforms; their banner was a Confederate battle flag on one side with a full-length figure of George Washington in the center. The reverse was green, with a harp, shamrocks, and the slogans, "Erin-go-bragh" and "Faugh-a-ballagh."

11th Kentucky Cavalry CSA

Confederate Buff  - This site contains Histories and rosters on the13th NC Inf Battalion, 27th NC Inf Reg. and The 66th NC Inf Regiment.

Hilliard's Legion of Alabama Volunteers C.S.A.

57th Regiment Virginia Volunteers - Shortly after Lincoln's call for 75,000 troops to suppress the "insurrection", Gov. John Letcher called for volunteer regiments, one of which formed was the 57th Regiment Virginia Volunteers.

Waul's Texas Legion-CSA - Waul's Texas Legion consisting of Cavalry, Artillery and Infantry, was organized May 1862 under authority given to Colonel Thomas N. Waul by the Secretary of War on March 6, 1862.

1st Maryland Battery Confederate States Army

1st. Louisiana Cavalry Regiment, C.S.A.

49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
61st Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
63rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Confederate States of America (CSA)
Webmaster's note: The above pages (49th GA - 63rd GA Volunteer Infantry) by Mr John Griffin are the most complete, well researched regimental histories I have yet seen. Whether or not you are interested in these units, these pages are absolutely MUST see.

Third Kentucky Infantry, Company C

44th Tennessee Infantry The 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment was first organized at Camp Trousdale, Tennessee, on December 16th, 1861. After the 44th suffered heavy losses at Shiloh, the regiment was consolidated with the 55th (McKoin's) Tennessee Infantry, a regiment which had also suffered heavily at that battle, and the two regiments were then reorganized and designated as the 44th Consolidated Tennessee Infantry.

4th Alabama "Roddey's" Cavalry

Colonel Buchel's 1st Texas Cavalry Regiment The First Texas Cavalry Regiment, also known as the First Texas Mounted Rifles was organized by the merging of the Third and Eighth Cavalry Battalions in May of 1863.

Company I, 11th Alabama Infantry Regiment C.S.A.


Company H, 58th Virginia Infantry

42nd Virginia Infantry Regiment

37th North Carolina Troops, Co. A

Mississippi Valley Brigade

12th Texas Volunteer Infantry

A Texas Rose - for civilian reenactors. Especially the ladies.

2nd Regt. Co.E. Virginia Infantry

27th Tennessee Infantry

21st North Carolina

Upstate South Carolina Reenactors

17th Virginia Infantry Regiment, Co. D, "Fairfax Rifles" - a family-oriented, non-profit organization established March, 1998 to educate the general public on the lives of ordinary American citizens, both men and women, of the period 1861 - 1865, preserve the history of the American Civil War, as it relates to the Commonwealth of Virginia and Northern Virginia in particular.

Genealogical Societies - SCV / UDC

United Daughters of the Confederacy

Virginia Division, UDC

General William Ruffin Cox Chapter UDC

Morgan's Men Association, Inc. Association of the Descendants of the men who rode with Gen. John Hunt Morgan, C.S.A.

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Savage/Goodner Camp1513

Confederate Territory of Arizona, Sons of Confederate Veterans, Colonel Sherod Hunter Camp 1525, Phoenix, Arizona

Gen. J.P. Anderson Camp #1599

Sons of Confederate Veterans, Florida Division, Inc.

Europe Camp #1612 SCV

Research and Genealogy

Documenting the American South Main Page

American Slave Narratives

The Library of Virginia

Confederate States, Civil War Regimental Histories Directory

Historic Documents of the Confederacy

Valor in Gray

Genealogy Research Tools

Second Amendment Research Network

National Archives and Records Administration

Library of Congress Home Page

Z. Smith Reynolds Library Rare Books and Manuscripts

Historical Documents

Archive of Thomas Paine Works

Civil War @ Charleston

CSA Online

Battle Flags of the Confederacy

Furman University: 19th Century Documents


The Forrest Preserve - everything you ever wanted to know about General Forrest - and then some!

The Papers of Jefferson Davis

The Trial of Major Henry Wirz

Southern Honor and Col. John Singleton Mosby

D.H. Hill

Stand Watie, the forgotten General

Thomas Paine

Poetry, Music, Art

Poetry and Music of the War Between The States

The Rebelaires

Confederate Businesses

Army of Northern Virginia Flag
CSA Flags by DNB - Have you ever wanted a CSA flag that was authentic in EVERY detail?

Map of the Confederacy

Kirchner's Map of the Confederacy depicts the Confederate States of America during the War Between the States. Confederate Map created by George B. Kirchner in the style of a C.S.A. cartographer-artist living in 1863. Confederate Map is historically accurate and hand-drawn. The CSA Map is so reliable that one could consider this to be "The Lost Map of the Confederacy." It is the Historic First Definitive Map of the Confederate States of America.
A Southern Mart Gift Shop Catalog:Conferdate Gifts-Baskets-Embroidery-Gifts from Mexico-Natural Soaps

Stricktly Southern gifts

Confederate Home Decorations

The Confederate Shoppe

Dixie General Store, Southern and Confederate Videos, Books, Flags, Bumper Stickers etc.

AAA Quality Civil War Art from Shenandoah Gallery

Valor in Gray

ReWep Assoc.

Ruffin Flag Co.

The Rural Citizen Book Store

Crown Rights Book Co.

Great War of the Confederacy

Dixie General Store

Secession Movements

FREE THE BEAR! California secession and independence

Southern Life

Aw, Shucks!

Dixie Perspective: The Rebboard for the Southern Minds behind Dixie

Reb Pages

Southern Gentleman's "Grand Ole Southern Page!"

The Virginia Gentleman

South's Honor

Southern Independence


Confederate States of America. Past, Present, and Future!

Confederate States of America Home Page

LeBourbon Plantation


Rebyll's Confederate Homepage

The National Archives of The Confederate States of America

The CSA Lives!

Remember the Cause

The Nashville Rebel - Its all about the South y'all!

The Magnolias - Visit a Southern Plantation and meet a true Southern Lady

Dixielinks - Large Southern links site

CSA - The Old South - This site is dedicated to the Preservation of our Southern Heritage and our way of life.

General WBTS

Civil War in Newport News Va The Civil war in Newport News saw the birth of the modern day navy, and the first primitive forms of ariel reconnaissance. Today, Newport News pays tribute to this heroism of the past with historic homes, battle sites, fortifications, monuments and a extrcollection of personal artificats. The story of the Civil War is a story of the people. From the decorated generals to the eighteen-year-old privates. This is their role in Newport News Virginia in early April 1862.

The Civil War in Montana - ever wonder how the Fed. paid for the war?

Civil War Clipart Gallery

Civil War Page

Civil War Heavy Artillery

Civil War Artillery - Weaponry


Alton, Illinois - Civil War Era - Confederate Prison

MA Ryan, Co B 14th Miss Vol Inf CSA

Elmira "Hellmira" N.Y. Union P.O.W. Camp

Web Rings

Southern Pride!!

Southron Ring

Dixieland Ring

Confederate Ring

Regiments of the Confederate Army


Southern Military Institute

U.S. Senate

United States House of Representatives - 106th Congress

Dixie Perspective: The Rebboard for the Southern Minds behind Dixie

Museum of the Confederacy


WorldNetDaily - A Free Press For A Free People
The Informed Electorate -- because information is power

News Articles

Councilman urges renaming school 02/20/99
A Special Report and Speeches Regarding the Retaining of General Forrest's Name on the Forrest Middle School at Gadsden, Alabama


Charley Reese
Walter Williams

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