He comes over the hill to the home for which he has yearned
Only to feel his heart sink as he sees it is Yankee burned.
His heart won't let him cry though his head hangs in pain
And he curses Sherman who is laughing over his champagne.

He looks at the stump that was once his leg
And wonders how it will affect his precious Peg.
He adjusts himself and marches down the hill.
In his heart, Dixie is a playing and it always will.

He passes the grave of his baby brother Clyde.
They got his leg and his brother but never his Rebel pride.
Peg comes running, falling into his arms with kisses so sweet.
He knows he's firmly planted in his home even without two feet.

The land was ready and his hand was on the plow.
With his new wooden leg, he'd get it done somehow.
The spring blossoms would be a message he would send
To them damn Yankees that the South would rise again!


© Copyright 1994 Ron Shultz
All rights reserved.