There Was No Civil War!

by Ronnie Hatfield

I'd like to set the record straight, for you "Yankees" in the crowd
and I'm only gonna say this once, so I'll say it good and loud!
There's been some misunderstanding, as to what we ought to call,
Abe Lincoln's great "aggression", you know, that war we fought with y'all.
You can use the word "oppression", and be closer to the truth,
but your "yankee" pride won't dare admit, the lies you've taught your youth!
You insist on saying "Civil War", like we were under Yankee rule,
but my northern friend, that ain't the case, though they won't teach that at school.

See, civil wars are fought among ones own, and not some other country's land,
and that's not a true description of Mr. Lincoln's master plan.
We were a totally separate nation, with our own power to legislate,
so us Southerners prefer the term, of "War Between the States."

"Honest Abe" said "Save the Union,Throw Constitution out the door!"
"If the southern states secede, I think by God, I'll start a war!
I'll reinforce Fort Sumter, and force 'em all to fight,
and then swear emancipation, though unintended, makes us right!"

That, my friend, is pure aggression, and it was brought about by greed,
and aggression is the water, that sprouts secession's seed!
So you'de best rewrite your history books, they're in error like they are,
and for once admit, y'all done us wrong, because THERE WAS NO CIVIL WAR!


copyright 1994, Stonewall Productions, and Ronnie Hatfield.
All Rights Reserved
Reprinted by permission
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