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Lesser Known Historical Excerpts Relevant to The War for Southern Independence - This excellent essay by Eric Patterson was once an award winning site by itself. Mr Patterson has graciously allowed us to make it a part of the Confederate Partisan site.

The South as its Own Nation - from League of the South

What should we call the War? - Should we, as Southrons, use the term "Civil War"?

Commentary from Jeff Adams
Jeff Adams is a former U.S. Air Force officer. He currently works as a business analyst for a company headquartered in Houston . Jeff holds a B.S. degree in Engineering and a Masters in Human Resources. He resides in Fort Worth, Texas. Jeff Adams is a frequent contributor to The Edgefield Journal. Y'all may have seen some of these articles there. If you havent - SUBSCRIBE!

Disillusioned Blacks Turn Their Backs on NAACP - 01 August 2001
"Federalized" government in store for European Union - 26 july 2001
Military Service: Working for Leviathan - 19 July 2001
They Don't Write 'em Like That Anymore - 10 July 2001
Reparations; Keeping Us Divided Against Each Other - 26 June 2001
Whose Fault is it That the Confederate House Changed its Name? - 16 May 2001
Symbols or the South? - 9 April 2001
The Role of Parents - 12 March 2001
Is Anyone in Europe Paying Attention? What About Here in the U.S.? - 14 March 2001
Persecution of Christians in America - 23 March 2001
The Klan of the 21st Century is Spelled N-A-A-C-P - 13 February 2001
Striking the Southern Cord - 8 February 2001
Southern Honor, Southern Pride - 10 January 2001
The South vs. the Borg - 28 December 2000

Black Woman Honors Her Confederate Ancestor - 8 December 1999

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Did black Americans fight for the Confederacy? Was the War Between The States really fought over slavery?

Saluting a Black Man's Service to the Confederacy

Skirmishing Over A Truer War Account

The Civil War wasn't about slavery

The Black and the Grey

On the Issue of Black Confederates

The Chandler Boys

For Johnny Reb, The War was not about slavery

Blacks' role in support of Confederacy stirs debate

8 Confederate Changes - A brief look at the Confederate Constitution.

America's Caesar - Abraham Lincoln and the Birth of a Modern Empire


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