Confederate and Southern Poetry


Traditional / Historical

Old Abe's Lament
The Spirit of 1861
The Dying Confederate's Last Words
The Dying Soldier
Jeff Davis Forever
The Confederate Form of Prayer
Oh, no! he'll not need them again
Stonewall Jackson's Way
Dear Mother I've Come Home To Die
The Little Soldier

   Poetry from Father Ryan
The Conquered Banner ~Father Ryan
A Reply to The Conquered Banner ~Sir Henry Houghton
C.S.A.~Father Ryan
The Sword of Robert Lee ~Father Ryan
March of the Deathless Dead ~Father Ryan
The Prayer of the South ~Father Ryan
A Land Without Ruins~Father Ryan


There Was No Civil War!
The Flag My Granpa Knew
Gray Ghost
Johnny Reb
I Am the Confederate Battle Flag
Sweet, Sweet Shroud
   New from Linda Lee
Last Ride to Natchez - New!
Southern Sprawl - New!
Saint Andrew's Cross
Confederate Soldier   Vietnam Vet
The Fallow Fields of Andersonville
The Birds of Elmira Prison
And the Drifts Were Men


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